Cake Classes

We bring classes to you

Total: $14.97
Cake Classes

We bring classes to you

Total: $14.97

Perfect and Pretty Pies




We have made a lot of pies here and practice does make perfect. However, perfect shouldn’t stop short of pretty!

In This Pie Making Class:

I’m going to show you tried and tested tricks for the best pie EVER, from getting that absolute NO FAIL perfect flakey pie crust to freezing premade pies for a quick and fabulous dessert on short notice.

PLUS we’re going to make them pretty……very very pretty!

Even if you’re an absolute beginner you’ll love the ease of this class. You’ll be amazed and delighted at how easy pies are to make.

Participants will 3 Types of Pie Creation:

  •     No Bake Pies
  •     Single Shell Pies
  •     Double Crust Pies

Included: PDF list of materials, ingredients, and recipes

Each participant will create an unbaked 8″ pie that can be used right away or frozen to be baked later.